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Actavis Academy App

Actavis Academy App

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Available Courses

Available Courses

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Introducing Actavis

Who are Actavis?

Actavis is one of the world's leading players in the development, manufacture, and sale of first-class generic pharmaceuticals. With more than 700 medicines available in the UK and over 300 in development, Actavis has one of the broadest product portfolios and pipelines in the industry.

Actavis are committed to continuing to provide first class generics on day one of patent expiry, as well as supporting healthcare professionals through a series of training and education initiatives like the Actavis Academy Online.

Introducing the Actavis Academy

Actavis has teamed up with the University of Greenwich, one of the leading business schools in the country, to create an online training resource designed specifically for your personal and professional development.

To find out how the Actavis Academy can help both you and your career, see the links below.

What is Wellards? 

Wellards Academy is an e-learning website ( providing quality NHS and clinical knowledge for everybody in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Every user has their own username and password giving access to information, news and e-learning.

CPD Training

Actavis have teamed up with Wellards Academy who have a history of providing quality, independent 
NHS online training for professionals within the pharmaceutical industry.

This content is now available to General Practices and their staff for the first time. Inside you'll find a wealth of information, reports, courses, and web links to all UK Health bodies. Registering FREE today will give you immediate access to all of this information.

Ask Actavis

Ever had a burning question on the NHS, on Pharmacy, on Dispensing Surgeries, on the effects of Government Policy, or on Actavis?   

Ever had a question which can't be answered simply by colleagues or an internet search?

The Ask Actavis service is testament to the Actavis commitment to support continuous learning and development within the NHS.

If you cannot find an answer to your question within the Academy site, use the Ask Actavis service, your own electronic consultancy.

Simply ask your question and our dedicated team of experts will investigate and reply to you within 72 hours.

Alternatively, just browse the questions sent in by your peers and the answers given.

Either way, register now to access this service. Some questions already asked and answered are:

Q: Is there such a thing as a quality and outcomes framework for pharmacists?

Q: How do I go about setting up a dispensing practice in a rural location?

Q: What are vascular risk assessments?