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DARAY 2MHz Foetal doppler

Pip Code: P131195
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  • DARAY BSD100

The DARAY BSD100 foetal Doppler is a highly sensitive portable device used for accurate and reliable foetal heart rate detection. It is suitable for gynaecology and obstetrics departments, clinics and also for daily foetal heart rate detection. The DARAY BSD100 foetal Doppler consists of an emitter and receiver of an ultrasound signal, an analogue signal processor a FHR calculator and an LCD display. The BSD100 offers three working modes comprising of a real-time FHR display, a mean FHR display and a manual count display. The multifunction, backlit LCD display clearly shows FHR Pulse, FHR value, probe type, battery status and the volume level of the built-in speaker Features:•  Backlit LCD display•  Waterproof probe•  Accurate DSP technology•  High sensitivity•  2 MHz continuous wave probe•  Ergonomic design•  Built-in speaker•  Audio output socket•  Automatic power-off•  Three working modes•  Protective case•  Supplied with Ultrasonic gel

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