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Vitalograph Silicone Grease 32254

Pip Code: 8895922
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  • Vitalograph Silicone Grease 32254

For use in cleaning and reassembling Vitalograph Flowheads.

Reassembling and Low Level Disinfection of the Fleisch Flowhead

1. Examine the fleisch element to ensure that no liquid or particles remain in the holes, grooves or pressure tappings.

2. Check the ‘O’ rings for damage and ensure that they are correctly positioned within the grooves.

3. Apply a very small amount of silicone grease to ‘O’ Rings and inside the surfaces of the flowhead body. Wipe off any visible amounts of grease. Ensure that the tiny annular holes on the outside of the fleisch element are not blocked.

4. When re-assembling the flowhead, ensure that the blue pressure tapping is nearest to the largest diameter of the fleisch element.

5. Ensure that the flowhead body is pushed fully home and rotate it so that the pressure ports are approximately 180° opposite the end of the fleisch element coil.

6. Fit flow conditioning meshes to both the flowhead cone and the flowhead end cap. See Fig 1, Flowhead assembly.

7. Push the flowhead end cap onto the larger diameter of the fleisch element and push the flowhead cone onto the smaller diameter.

8. Wipe all external surfaces of the flowhead with a 70% isopropyl alcohol impregnated cloth.

9. When attaching the flowhead connection tube ensure that the matching serrated edge pressure tappings on the flowhead and the Vitalograph Pneumotrac are connected to each other.

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