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Omron Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer

Pip Code: 2664183
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  • Omron Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer
This thermometer represents proven accuracy for in-ear temperature measurement. The positioning sensor ensures that readings can only be taken when placed correctly meaning it will only give you accurate results. Offering comfortable, quick measurement the Gentle Temp is perfect for use when monitoring babies and young children. Note for hygienic and accuracy reasons it is strongly recommended not to use probe covers more than once.Features:•  Infrared ear thermometer•  1 second measurement time•  Beeper guided operation•  Compact, elegant, ergonomic design•  Records last reading•  Automatically switches off to save battery life•  Reading display in Celsius or Fahrenheit•  10 probe covers included
RRP: £ 34.96
PSUK Price: £30.59 Save £4.37
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