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Family Planning Clinics Services

PSUK is the preferred supplier to BPAS, Brook and Virgin Care for their family planning supplies and many other associates of the Family Planning Association.

PSUK is also the sole supplier of family planning clinics for Pfizer in England and Wales and currently works closely with Local Health Authorities to reduce their spending on contraceptive lines since they have taken control of their own budgets.

Our customers can buy medical equipment, practice consumables, disposable instruments, stationery and pharmaceuticals from our online shop or friendly telesales team.  We supply products from over 65 different suppliers to the primary care market and our portfolio is expanding. 

Our customer base is continually growing as we offer everyday healthcare products such as gloves at zero margin to support the work your services provide and to help with budgetary constraints.

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Understanding VAT & How It Impacts Your Practice

This course is designed to allow those involved in practice dispensary and financial management to revisit the subject of Value Added Tax and how i... 
Date 13-02-2019
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Practical Guidance on Controlled Drugs

This event is for those who are looking to learn more about current legislation and good practice relating to Controlled Drugs in Primary Care.  
Date 12-02-2019
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Understanding the Drug Tariff and Endorsing and Maximising Profits

What to dispense and what to endorse? These are questions that should be easily answered, yet we still see non-profitable supply against prescripti... 
Date 11-02-2019
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Utilising Effective Time Management

This course is designed to help you improve your time management skills by using a variety of tools and techniques to achieve specific tasks, proje... 
Date 07-02-2019
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