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Golden Tote

Bringing automation to dispensing practice

The dispensing process itself hasn’t changed for decades.  As your business model shifts to meet the expectations of the NHS 10 year plan, it will become increasingly important to seek out solutions that will help fundamentally improve your dispensary operations to ensure you are future proofing your business.

As digital continues to integrate into every element of our lives, the current ‘manually onerous’ prescription assembly operation is time consuming, inefficient and open to error.

In August last year, PHOENIX opened a central dispensing facility, one of the UK’s largest automated pharmacies. 

Automated dispensing is vastly more efficient than the traditional model.  For many dispensing practices however, this technology requires significant investment. 

PHOENIX, have joined forces with EMIS to harness the logic of the dispensing process and have developed a solution with is integrated into PSUK Connect which will radically improve existing dispensing practices.

Introducing Golden Tote