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A&D UA-767S-W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Pip Code: 8866774
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  • A&D UA-767S-W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-767S-W is the latest in the range of UA-767 devices from A&D – our flagship model since 1985.

It benefits from our 2nd generation IHB technology, which now measures the frequency of IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) detection – shown by icons and divided into different grades. This now enables the user/clinician to see how often IHB has been detected – indicating the level of risk to the patient. If the grade is high, you should consult a doctor immediately.


  • 3rd generation of the flagship UA-767 range
  • A&D’s Slimfit™ Cuff – latex and metal free, covering 22-42cm
  • 2nd generation IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) Indicator to show frequency IHB%
  • Cuff Fit Error Indicator
  • Movement Error Indicator
  • WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
  • 60-memory + Average Reading
  • ESH Clinical Validation
This %IHB function is not to be used for diagnosis, but for monitoring purposes only. IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) technology was first pioneered by A&D in 2001 and can now found on our entire range of blood pressure monitors. This A&D ground breaking technology is now used worldwide assisting in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias – which include AFib (or Atrial Fibrillation).

The monitor also benefits from extremely accurate Oscillometric BP measurement, first developed and patented by A&D back in 1984.

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