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Membership Guarantee

What can we do for your practice?

As the largest GP dispensing doctor membership organisation in the UK, we are uniquely positioned to offer you the most advantageous commercial proposal available nationwide. We are committed to ensuring our members maximise their profitability, offering more services than any other organisation...

The commercial offering

Advantageous discounts on all your wholesale purchases including manufacturers that have entered into a RWM/DTP agreement; this includes CDs/ZDs and OTCs.

An exclusive Generic Scheme Active Price Management delivers scheme pricing but with competitive net pricing after rebate from the first £ you spend.
• No spend thresholds and no limited discount lines.
• On lines which are not pure generics and need further consideration,
we will also provide you with the most competitive price via My Deals (see Ordering portal section).

 A bespoke Parallel Import offering that gives members competitive discounts against UK brands that offer little or no discount.

Over 80+ Manufacturer Discount Schemes (MDS), of which over 50% are either enhanced or exclusive.

A comprehensive and free Training Day schedule that gives you the chance to keep up to date with marketplace changes.

A large range of non-pharmaceutical companies offering competitive prices that cover all areas of purchasing e.g. stationery, disposable instruments, medical equipment, consumables, uniforms and surgery furniture. 

Team support

Our Regional Managers are located throughout the UK and have wide ranging knowledge and experience of the dispensing doctor marketplace. By holding regular one to one full practice review meetings, they can help you analyse your purchases and assist in increasing profits and reducing costs.


The Regional Managers are supported by our dispensing doctor support team located in York. The team will make regular contact to ensure you are aware of the terms and profitability available and will coordinate with the Regional Manager to ensure you are supported at all times.


Our Healthcare Development Managers will engage with GP Federations and CCGs to support local initiatives, whether it be general procurement of pharmaceuticals, non pharmaceutical products or training. 

Analytical support


We carry out regular analysis of the marketplace including monthly comparisons ensuring discounts and prices remain competitive.



We have the ability to provide bespoke advice on prescribing and purchasing by therapeutic area and support this with a profitability report on request.



We will continually compare the marketplace schemes to ensure that our members benefit from our offering.

Ordering portal

Our dynamic one screen ordering portal manages and supports your purchasing decisions, helping you to protect your future costs and income.


It puts you in control of your purchasing which is key in practices where ordering is carried out by a number of dispensers across different locations.

You can view live spend by product type, manufacturer and wholesaler.


The My Deals feature allows quick sign up to instant savings we can offer you through the portal, whether we are automatically moving products to a parallel import alternative or a brand to generic alternative and vice versa on request. This feature allows you to start controlling your purchasing and ensures the portal always chooses the most cost effective products (on the deals available) for your practice.

Keeping you informed...

PS magazine – published monthly including the latest news, new product offerings, off-patents and special offers.


 Monthly e-newsletter and product bulletins.



Educational/training events and study days across the country, free of charge.


Annual Conference providing workshops, key speakers and the opportunity to meet with preferred suppliers, free of charge.