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Discount Optimisation – better off with PHOENIX

Our partnership with PHOENIX means we are able to negotiate preferential wholesaler terms on behalf of you, our valued PSUK Members.

Following a comprehensive review of our existing terms, we are delighted to inform you that we have further optimised our discount structure.

As of the 1st of March 2019, we now offer higher discounts than our competitors on 33 manufacturers. We have also matched our competitors’ discounts across 31 manufacturers. This means you are better off with PHOENIX.

Finally, we have also responded to your request to improve transparency. From the 1st of March, all qualifying reduced wholesaler purchases where you received a discount from PHOENIX and a further discount from PSUK (payable as a retro) will now attract a combined discount. This will be paid on your PSUK MDS Remittance.

For example, for qualifying Bayer products, you would have previously received 6% “off invoice” and then a further 2% paid retrospectively two months in arrears.   From March 1st, you will now receive 8% paid 1 month retrospectively on your MDS Remittance.

It makes commercial sense to place your orders through PHOENIX. We guarantee you’ll never be worse off – in fact, you’ll save more if you do.

Take a look at our discount matrix; you’ll see how we compare.

Download the latest PSUK Discount Matrix now 

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