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ProScript Connect


A Dispensary Management System with built-in patient medical records and invaluable functionality to assist in the effective management of your dispensary.


Benefits 🔽

• EPS R2 Patient Nomination

• Prescription endorsing and electronic claims submission

• FMD compliance (functionality available by February 2019)

• Stock control • Prescription tracking

• MDS dispensing functionality including MAR chart printing ... and more

Patient nomination 🔽

This lies at the heart of EPS R2. Prescribers and dispensary staff have an important role to play in ensuring that patients’ EPS R2 nomination choices are respected – particularly, the right of eligible patients to choose and use the practice dispensary.

• ProScript Connect offers nomination to your dispensary. You can now protect your script volume, with the emphasis on you as the first choice

• ProScript Connect allows you to better retain nominated prescription volumes and claim for all EPS R2 prescriptions electronically.

Endorsing 🔽

Good endorsing leads to a more profitable dispensary and plays a vital role in making sure the NHS has the correct information for reimbursement and remuneration.

• ProScript Connect offers electronic endorsing, including pack size endorsing, which means you do not have to spend endless hours writing messages to the PPA about what has been dispensed against prescriptions.

Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) compliant 🔽

The FMD is designed to protect patients and will enable you to verify the authenticity of a medicinal product before dispensing.

• ProScript Connect will be FMD compliant by February 2019. It will authenticate the 2D barcode applied to packs by the manufacturer (one of the safety features of the FMD) so that packs can be “checked out” and a confirmation of their authenticity sent back to you.

Comprehensive ordering and stock control 🔽

Ordering and managing stock is time consuming but ProScript Connect simplifies the process.

• Order items directly through ProScript Connect

• Automatically add dispensed items to the order pad

• Manage stock levels for each item to suit your dispensary requirements.

Repeat Management Service (RMS) 🔽

Prescription repeat requests are made easy with a central repository created from the Patient Medication Record. Assign specific statuses to repeat requests depending on their actual status in the dispensing process.

• Create repeat requests

• Add reminders that will display on ProScript Connect to remind you that a repeat request is due

• Send Repeat Requests electronically to GPs for approval

• Send an SMS to a patient to update them on the process or provide them with additional information

• Report on repeat requests to support you in your daily repeat request workflow.

Prescription Tracking Manager (PTM) 🔽

ProScript Connect users have reported a time saving of “45 minutes, per staff member, per day” as they no longer have to search for pre-prepared prescriptions. The PTM acts as a central repository of all dispensed prescriptions, enabling you to search for and check their assigned location or status.

• Print tracking labels for all prescriptions

• Mark prescriptions as dispensed or completed from the Prescription Tracking Update module

• Mark prescriptions in a location or as out for delivery/to be delivered/completed.

Nursing home support 🔽

Has your dispensary struggled to maintain its homecare business?

• ProScript Connect allows you to manage Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS) and produce a wide variety of Medicines Administration Record (MAR) charts already being used by care homes across the UK. And of course, all of this comes with an emphasis on clinical safety.