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Accord Academy

Learning and development within your practice is a whole lot easier with this exclusive member benefit.

We have partnered with Accord to develop a Learning Management System (LMS). This feature within the Accord Academy allows you to implement courses and monitor progress, adding structure to learning and development within your practice and the progression of your staff.

Benefits for you and your team

  • Full access to all Accord Academy courses
  • New tailored learning material
  • A curriculum for your staff to follow
  • The ability to set deadlines for online courses
  • A simple solution to help you meet DSQS training requirements
  • A structured, online learning environment
  • Online training records, which act as a CPD library

Futureproofing your training

PSUK and Accord will continue to work in partnership releasing new modules on a regular basis driven by your learning needs.

New to the Accord Academy?

You can visit the Accord Academy and register here. Once you are registered you can link through to the Academy each time on your member dashboard.

If you manage the training of staff within your practice:

  • Add your unique team leader (TL) access code when you register.
  • This is your PHOENIX account number followed by TL. i.e. 12345TL

For staff members within the practice:

  • Your staff will need to do the same, however their access code does not require a TL after it.

This is your PHOENIX account number. i.e. 12345

Already registered with the Accord Academy (formerly Actavis Academy)?

You and your staff, if already registered, will be required to update your access codes accordingly in the ‘edit profile’ section.

Access Codes codes ensure that as a PSUK member only you will be able to use the PSUK LMS within the Accord Academy.

If you work within a branch practice then please use the branch PHOENIX account number. For access to multiple branches as a team leader, please contact

Please take a look at the Training Manager Help Guide for a full overview of the LMS and details on how to get the most from it.